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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Why is Pakistan's army chief all over social media? BBC

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Why is Pakistan's army chief all over social media by pakibuzz

Is the army general more popular than the prime minister in Pakistan and what does that means for democracy? BBC Urdu's Amber Shamsi investigates.
Just off the main road between the political capital and army headquarters lies a ramshackle set of houses.
They're new builds but shoddily constructed. The mosque is no different.
But it has a grand title - it has been named after Pakistan's current army chief General Raheel Sharif.
"We want General Raheel Sharif to help us catch the land grabbers and land mafia," says a young bearded man on his way to prayers.

Many Pakistanis seem to see General Raheel Sharif as a messiah who is saving the country from terrorism, corruption and all manner of social ills.

One of the memes on social media honouring the generalWizened truck-art painter Habibur Rehman is one of them.

He has been decorating trucks in the traditional Pakistani way since 1955, where intricate patterns of flowers and birds are combined with political messaging.

I ask him who his favourite leaders are.
"Benazir Bhutto is my all-time favourite," he says, swiftly mentioning her father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto as his number two choice.
He then lists former presidents and military rulers Generals Ayub Khan, Zia-ul Haq and Yahya Khan.
I ask whether General Raheel Sharif makes the cut.
He raises his hand as if to the sky.
"Given the demand for him now and if he keeps performing well as a leader, he could even surpass the other five."

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