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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

I can't marry for 'a lot of reasons', says Hamza Ali Abbasi

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There's more to Hamza Ali Abbasi than just politics and his deep concerns about protecting the morals of the nation.

Hamza Ali Abbasi also has a heart.
The actor/activist disclosed on an earlier morning show interview that he "kind of [has] a soft corner for this one woman recently", but refused to reveal the identity of the mystery woman.
He went on to flabbergast his legions of female fans and the nation's rishta-hunters by dismissing the prospect of marriage completely.
"Shaadi is a huge deal," he said, later adding that "I can't get married for a lot of reasons." He cited this as "the number one reason" for his break-ups in the past.
Gasp! Is Hamza a commitment-phobe?
He admits he's had quite a few relationships in the past, but not enough to fill "a juma bazaar".
"Women are very emotional... so they get disappointed that I can't marry them," he shared, talking about his failed relationships.

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