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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Sar e Aam Iqrar ul Hassan

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Sar e Aam Iqrar ul Hassan by pakibuzz

Iqrar-ul-Hassan was born in Lahore in 1984. He has worked as a television presenter and a journalist, and his current occupation is journalist.
Iqrar-ul-Hassan Syed has been working in ARY news for many years, previously he used to work as a news caster on ARY News. Now a days he is getting much fame through the program "Sar e aam" which stands o reality basis. Iqrar has exposed many fake 'Spiritual healers' who were making fool, the innocent people. He is a brave man and faced many hurdles to demonstrate the real picture of corrupt people in front of nation.
Personal Life/Biography :
Iqrar-ul-Hassan married to Qurat-ul-Ain Hassan who is also an anchor person and works with a private news channel. Allah has blessed them with a son named Pehlaaj Hassan.
He is a brave man and took many steps  for getting success. He started his career as a news anchor and now he is at the ace of fame by the programme "Sar-e-Aam".

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