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Thursday, 5 November 2015

15 Things In Your Home That Have Secret Uses

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15 Things In Your Home That Have Secret Uses

I dunno about you kids, but I love a good life hack.
To find out that perfectly innocuous items in my home have a "secret talent" makes me stupidly happy. 
Here are some of my favorite life hacks to date. Brace yourselves, folks—and prepare to be amazed!
OK, look: I may be over-selling this, but honestly, these tips are pretty great and there are heaps I had never seen before. 
I've saved you the legwork of finding them. Enjoy! 

1. Chalk

Best friend of teachers around the globe, this plain little fellow is capable of so much more than educating bored children. 
Did you know it can remove rings from your collar, clean up a grease stain, polish your silverware, and mask the cracks in your wall? Click here to discover all that chalk is capable of!

2. Zip-top bags

Ahhh the re-sealable bag. One of my favorite household items!
I use these bad boys for just about everything: marinating meats, storing everything from art to crackers, and most importantly, making cookie packs for friends (true story). 
Here are a whole bunch of cool uses that will make sure you never look at this bag the same way again. 

3. Wax paper

It's funny, I remember wax paper as something my Grandmother used to use when she was baking. 
Turns out, this old-fashioned baking-aid is a bit of a miracle worker, as it can unsnag a stuck zipper, line your fridge shelves to prevent mess, and it can even make your taps super shiny!

4. Vinegar

I am sure you all know what a versatile cleaner vinegar is. From washing fruit and veg to shining your tiles, you can use vinegar to clean just about anything—but did you know it can remove rust? Clean up spilled candle wax? Get rid of just about any bad smell? Fight insects in the garden? Yeah! Me neither!

5. Salt

It makes food taste better, right? Well, you're right—but it also has so many other uses. 
Saltworks maintains there are over 14,000 uses for salt. 
I dunno about that, but I do know that salt can clean your wicker furniture, refresh your dingy sponges, and make your coffee taste better. Nifty! 

6. Coffee filters

I cannot live without coffee, therefore I cannot live without coffee filters. 
Apart from keeping me alive in the mornings, these flimsy little guys are actually good for a myriad of uses. 
Try lining the bottom of your potted plant pots with one of these before potting your plant. The water can get out but the dirt cannot. Ingenious!

7. Petroleum jelly

Joey Green is onto something with his "wacky uses" app. 
Amongst his genius hacks is a section for petroleum jelly. 
Can you believe that you can use this stuff to lure trout as well as shine your shoes?
Well, color me happy because this stuff is the bomb!

8. Corn starch

I heart corn starch. As someone who loves baking and cooking, this miracle ingredient can make my cookies chewy and my gravies thick. But outside of the kitchen, corn starch might surprise you. 
It can help with bad sunburn, get rid of a multitude of stains, and even cure your athlete's foot!

9. Hand lotion

Good old hand lotion. We have at least 4 bottles of this stuff around our house. Surprisingly, most of it belongs to my husband (insert joke here). Seriously, he likes having soft hands, and who can blame him?
Apart from giving my hubby paws as soft as gelato on a warm day, it can also get rid of static in your clothes, be used instead of shaving cream, and tame your wispy hair. Awesome!

10. Hair dryer

My hair dryer is my best friend (along with my flat iron). I have thick and unruly hair and my blow dryer helps to make me look presentable. 
From now on I will also be using it to get price tags of things, add a gloss to my cupcakes and custom-fit my own glasses when they get loose. 

11. Dryer sheets

Behold the humble dryer sheet. Sure, it makes your clothes smell and feel amazing, but in a twist nobody could have predicted, it can also be used as a dusting cloth, for deodorising shoes, and making your vacuum cleaner work better. Sweet!

12. Duct Tape

People joke about duct tape and its many uses but it's funny because it's true!
From extending the life of your hockey sticks to replacing a roof shingle, duct tape's got your back!

13. Nail polish

Nail polish is one of my many vices. I have enough bottles of nail polish to paint all the finger and toe nails of the entire New York City Ballet crew for a decade (how much of a random statement is that?!). 
I was pleased to find out that in addition to making my nails look purdy, I could also use it to seal envelopes, remove any warts that may come up, and fix scratches on my car. Pretty AND practical. 

14. Rubber bands

The rubber band! I have find memories of making little "finger pistols" with these in high school. 
They sure are amusing, but they are also very practical. 
They can add grip to just about anything, be used as an eraser in a pinch, or even be used as a wine glass marker! The possibilities are endless!

15. Toothpaste

We all use toothpaste every day for its obvious purpose, but toothpaste, as it turns out, is a bit of a dark horse when it comes to multiple uses. 
From cleaning your leather to cleaning your jewelry, from de-fogging your glasses to hanging a poster, toothpaste is everything you have been searching for. 
Source: diply

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